Monferrato DOC Dolcetto
Deep purple easy to drink wine with smooth tannins
Monferrato DOC Dolcetto 2023
Soft, fruity, deep purple, dry
To have an idea of the main flavor of this wine just immagine a small bouquet of forest violets picked up in the spring under the trees. And after — a lot of black ripe fruits.

Would it be sweet? As flavors — yes, definitely. But on the palate you will find it very fresh, with high acidity (something strange for Dolcetto), low alcohol — 12,6% and some notable tannins.
What to expect from Dolcetto normally?
Dolcetto, which originated many centuries ago in Piedmont, has always been an everyday wine for the locals. It is easy, non-committal, and does not require complex gastronomic combinations.

Very often 100% Dolcetto wine lacks acidity, although it’s always dry. And usually they say that Dolcetto isn’t good for aging in bottle. But… we still have some bottles of the 2014th vintage. If you’re curious to taste such an old Dolcetto, message me!

In 2023, we collected Dolcetto at the end of August. Thanks to this, it has a pleasant acidity (one might say unexpected for this grape variety) and a relatively low alcohol level — 12.6%.
3 facts about our Dolcetto
  • Only from our vineyards
    Dolcetto’s vineyard is one of the oldest that we have. It was planted in 1978
  • No oak aging
    Early harvest and only stainless steel tank. It allows to get the freshest style of Dolcetto
  • Label by an artist
    The label was made by my big friend — Kiko Perotti, a Verona born artist, famous for his paintings of flowers, birds and animals. Forest violets are easy to find under our trees in February and March — the period, when we bottle Dolcetto
Some words about winery
We’re a family owned small winery on the Monferrato hills in Piemonte, between Asti and Alba, less than 1 hour drive from Turin. Yes, it’s me in the photo and I run everything in the winery. To read more about our story, click here. And here you can find all the range of our wines.
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