Piemonte DOC Rosato
Light fragrant rosè wine
Piemonte DOC Rosato 2022
Made accidentally, but to tell truth it couldn’t be better if made by purpose
Extremely light, fragrant, with low alcohol (only 11%), but at the same moment very rich on the nose. Try not to chill it too much — that’s how you’ll feel its complexity.

Why sheep on the label? Kiko Perotti, the artist of our labels, is crazy about them. I liked this idea: they’re funny. It’s just what I need for "experimental" wines. Don’t worry, you won’t find even a hint of sheep’s flavors in the wine ;)
Some words about winery
We’re a family owned small winery on the Monferrato hills in Piemonte, between Asti and Alba, less than 1 hour drive from Turin. Yes, it’s me in the photo and I run everything in the winery. To read more about our story, click here. And here you can find all the range of our wines.
Our wines
Wines with flowers on the labels are light and vibrant. Those with birds are bolder and more complex. And other labels have some peculiarity. For example sparkling wine by classic (Champagne) method is my personal passion. And for Nebbiolo we use the grapes from Barbaresco.
Deep purple, violet flowers, ripe dark fruits and… high acidity together with low alcohol
Light red wine to drink a little bit chilled
Skin contact white wine made in amphora
Classic elegant Barbera aged in barrels for 12 months
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